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As from September 2022, most of our events can be found on our school Facebook page Callands Community Primary School | Warrington | Facebook

School Council Hustings- Week Commencing 26.09.2022

This week School Council Hustings took place.  The School Council is a means of ensuring pupils have a strong voice in the running of their school.  Our School Council members are now:

Venus Y6W

Oliver Y6M

Archie Y5G

Charlie Y5B

Kayla Y4W

Jacob Y4S

Oria Y3K

Sofia Y3G

Emilia Y2D

Thomas Y2L


Y5/6 Residential to Rue, France - 22 - 25 July 2022

On Friday at 3.30am, 48 Y5/6 children and 6 staff set off for Rue in France.  We just about made the ferry at 12.55 despite all the troubles in Dover.  We arrived at Chateau Broutel at 5pm and had a wonderful evening meal.  On Saturday we went to the market and tested out our French.  After lunch we went to the Snail Farm and following and informative presentation, we handled snails and then ate some that had been prepared by the farmer.  34 of us tried these.  Impressive.  We moved to the Chocoalte Factory after this and spent money buying chocolate. Evening entertainment was fun.  Sunday we visited the Albert Museum, Thiepval Monument and the Somme battlefields.  Although it was incredibly hot, we had a wonderful time.  We finished with a campfire and birthday cake for Finlay's birthday.  We will finish at the Sweet Factory and then head home.

Y3 Sleepout for Centrepoint Homeless Charity - 05.01.2022

This week Y3 slept out on the playground in the freezing cold to raise funds for Centrepoint Homeless Charity. They discussed how some people may become homeless and what it may be like living without a home.  The children spent some time experiencing lying and trying to sleep on the ground. They reflected on their feelings and how it felt to have no shelter or home. They also used a campfire to see what it is like to start a fire from nothing. They used flint and steel to create a spark and everyone had a try at using the tool correctly.

Visit from the British Sign Language Choir - 25.11.2021

You may recall one of my previous meetings with the School Council was to ask the children in what ways they felt we could improve our Music Curriculum.  Several year groups stated that they wanted to sing more songs with sign language.  Therefore, Miss Clayton, our Music Lead, made arrangements for the British Sign Language Choir to come to school and show the children how to sign along to our school song.  See the footage attached.

Together We are Own performed by Warrington BSL Choir.mp4

Whittle Hall Care Home Memorial Service - 25.11.2021

Y3 sang Run by Snow Patrol this week which will be included as part of the Whittle Hall Care Home Memorial Service which will take place this Sunday where they will remember all residents who have passed away during the global pandemic.  We were proud to be a part of this community event.

Memorial Service Whittle Hall Care Home_Trim.mp4

Anti Bullying- Week Commencing 15.11.2021

The Junior Safeguarding Officers and School Councillors in each class planned for and delivered their own presentations and activities to promote Road Safety Week and how to be kind online and combat cyber-bullying as part of Anti-Bullying Week. The children enjoyed taking on this responsibility for their peers and their classmates were equally as enthusiastic when completing their activities. Some of the ways that the children chose to share their message were by creating posters, role-plays, podcasts, iMovies and Stop Motion animations. We are proud of what they all achieved!

Armistice Through Art Day- Week Commencing 8.11.21

On Friday 5 November all the children from EYFS to Year 6 took part in ‘Armistice through Art Day’. On this day the children all took part in different Art/DT activities to show remembrance. Every class made a wreath for a specific soldier at the RAF Burtonwood Airbase. It is a real honour to keep these soldiers memories alive and it has been our privilege now for the last 4 years. The children have been very mature, thoughtful and have shown lots of empathy remembering all the lives lost.  

The wreaths will be displayed at the RAF Burtonwood Airbase Heritage Centre located at Gullivers World. On Wednesday 11 November the whole school will also took part in a 2 minute silence to remember all the soldiers and their families.  We also thank all the children who have brought in donations for the British Legion and bought poppy merchandise.

We will remember: Major Frederic A. Borsodi, 2LT Jay F. Simpson, SGT Stanley L. Broughton, CPL Clifford J. Collins, PFC John H. Schmidt, LT COL Richard L. Cardozo, Major Cecil R. Steele, 1LT John E. Barnby, SGT William E. Davis, PFC Charles P. Ingram, SGT William J. Nelson, PFC Harry A. Devitt, CPL John H. Gallman, PFC George L. Waltari and Arthur M. Dover.

In addition, Year 6 made extra wreaths for Woodleigh Care Home and Whittle Hall Care Home to develop our community relationships.

Mr Rowlands Music- Week Commencing 1.11.21

Here are videos of the children in Year 3 singing along with Mr Rowland. They are singing Mr Rowland's song 'Birds' and George Ezra's 'Shotgun'. Mr Rowland sung numerous songs for the children to sing along to. He also showed the children chords on the guitar and the notes of each string. The children learnt how the different strings sound and the different ways you can play guitar depending on the song. The children in Year 1, 2 and 3 really enjoyed listening and singing with Mr Rowland and Year 4. 5 and 6 are looking forward to his visit next week.

New Playground Markings- Week Commencing 18.10.21

This week new playground markings have been installed.  These are aimed at making the children even more physically active during their break times.  We love them!

EYFS Living Eggs- Week Commencing 11.10.21

We really enjoyed watching the chicks hatch and grow. We looked at the life cycle of a chicken and noticed lots of the changes that happened to them in such a short space of time. We demonstrated high levels of energy and fascination and created our own chicks in the creative area, paying attention to the details of the chicks. We were all willing to take a risk and stroke and hold the chicks, showing great care and concern for living animals. 

New After School Clubs- Week Commencing 4.10.21

School Council Hustings- Week Commencing 27.9.21

This week School Council Hustings took place.  The School Council is a means of ensuring pupils have a strong voice in the running of their school.  Our School Council members are now:

Carina H Y6W

Ethan A Y6M

Haider H Y5G

Abigail J Y5C

Bryan U Y4W

Charlie D Y4K

Tomas RM Y3C

Memphis Q Y3L

Farrah M Y2D

Lucas M Y2W


Y6 Bikeability - Week Commencing 20.9.21

This week members of Y6 have thoroughly enjoyed enhancing their cycling skills through their Level 2 Bikeability sessions. They have learnt about the following: communication through hand signals; observations at T-junctions; identifying major and minor roads; completing U-turns; discussing priorities for types of moving vehicles on the road; identifying primary and secondary positions on the road; and applying these skills when cycling around our local area. The children have said that they enjoyed Bikeability the most when they applied the skills and knowledge learnt during the morning session when out cycling on the roads around Callands in the afternoon.

New Displays Around School - Week Commencing 13.9.21

Reading Ambassadors - Week Commencing 6.9.21

Our Reading Ambassadors have been chosen within each class because they have demonstrated that they are passionate about reading and are tasked with promoting reading within their class. This can include sharing book recommendations and leading our Vocab Time Jar activity where the children focus on key vocabulary selected from any reading materials they have accessed. Reading Ambassadors are a way of ensuring that Reading is promoted regularly amongst their peers and we gain a strong pupil voice for reading across our school.

Our Reading Ambassadors are:

Noah W Y6W

Summer L Y6M

Mubarak L Y5G

Olivia C Y5C

Phoebe S Y4W

Hermione W Y4K

Violet G Y3C

Amelia K Y3L

Grace B Y2D

Poppy M Y2W

Lennox B Y1B

Aysha Y Y1W

Maths Through Story Week December 2019

Maths through Stories Week 2019

EYFS have used the story of Jack and the Beanstalk during Maths through Stories Week. We have counted beans, measured and compared the length of beanstalks and counted the dots on beans to place them in the plant pot with the corresponding numeral.

Year 1 used the well-loved story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' to learn to write and order days of the week during Maths through stories Week. We have used the vocabulary of today, tomorrow and yesterday to talk about our week. We applied our knowledge to solve some very tricky problems such as:

'If there are 7 days in 1 week, how many are in 2 weeks?'

'If it is Sunday today, what day was it 2 days ago?'

We also have linked Maths to our English, ensuring days of the week begin with a capital letter.

Year 2 completed fun maths activities based on the book ‘365 Penguins’. They solved word problems using days of the week, months of the year, place value and addition & subtraction.

Within the story multiple penguins kept arriving throughout the year. The penguins needed sorting into groups so the children used their multiplication and division skills to solve these. There were also challenge problems involving fractions and large numbers with multiple digits.

The story ended with a reflective page about how precious the penguin population is in the current times of global warming, so temperature was also discussed.

Year 3 have used the story ‘Remainder of One’ to use their skills of multiplication and division when helping ‘Joe’ to be able to divide into the 25 bug army. The children investigated different arrays to allow the bugs to march in equal lines for their queen during the parade. The children made, talked and wrote about their arrays to apply their developing mastery skills.

For Maths through Stories Week, Year 4 used the story of Alice in Wonderland. First, they used their skills with perimeter to calculate the distance around the edge of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party table. Next they used a range of skills to solve different problems involving time, symmetry and number sequences.

Year 5 children read The King’s Chessboard for Maths through Stories Week. They completed the challenge to identify how much rice the wise man received, trying to establish if there was an easier method. The children completed adding and subtracting decimal questions, which helped them decide which method they would prefer to be paid by their hypothetical boss.

Year 6 really enjoyed exploring the book ‘Sir Cumference and the First Round Table’. We explored the different characters who each represented a different part of the circle. The highlight was seeing how many Maths related words we could find in the book (49!)

History Visit November 2019

'Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge' organisation came to visit year 2 on Monday 25 November 2019 as part of our Geography learning. Margerat Ingham presented the history of the bridge to the children and told them why the Transporter bridge is a special geographical landmark in Warrington.

The children loved the visit and asked some interesting questions. Both classes recalled some brilliant vocabulary about the special bridge and were amazed that there is only 3 transporter bridges left in the UK and 8 all over the world. 

If you would like more information on how to visit the Warrington Transporter Bridge, please visit their website:


As this Transporter bridge is sadly falling into disrepair, the organisation are trying to raise awareness and support. You could also visit their Facebook page 'save Warrington Transporter Bridge' to support such a unique landmark to Warrington.

European Languages Day - September 2019


Year 5 went to Liverpool Hope University to have a look around the campus and explore the different subjects that can be studied there. They were taught by secondary school students and their lecturers. Children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities from Maths, English and Science to Computing Science, RE and French.


Y1 Special Visitors - May 2018

Ellie Turner's Grandad and Mum came to visit Y1C with some very special guests. We had Tiger the lamb, goslings and different breeds of chicks come to visit. Under adult supervision, the children learnt how to hold the chicks safely and all about how to care for the lamb. We had a lovely time and learnt a lot about respecting animals.

Y1 Visit to Knowsley Safari Park - December 2017

Historical Author Visit- November 2017

On Friday 24 November 2017, author Douglas Smith visited Year 2 to talk about his new book, 'The Winwick Witch and the Golden Pig' which is a historical story all about the history of the pig carving on Winwick Church. Douglas read some of the chapters of his book and also brought a special find from the book with him.


Cross Country - October 2017

On Tuesday 10 October 2017, a group of Y5 and Y6 children went to Great Sankey High School to compete in a Cross Country competition against two other primary schools, the children showed great determination and enthusiasm. Each and every child showed fantastic sportsmanship to all of the runners, by clapping and cheering as they ran past. We are so PROUD of you.


Harvest Festival - September 2017


British Heart Foundation 'Jump Rope for Heart' July 2017

On Friday 14th July, children took part in a 'Jump Rope for Heart' event. This event gave our young people and staff the chance to be active and have fun through skipping. We carried out a range of skipping skills such as the twister, slalom, scissors, jumping jax and x-its. Thank you everybody who took part and raised £171.00 for the British Heart Foundation.

Jump Rope for Heart July 2017

Sports Day - July 2017

On Thursday 13th July, all children participated in our wonderful Sports Day. Well done to everybody who took part. Overall scores for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 were as follows: 4th place - Beech, 3rd place - Oak, 2nd place - Horse Chesnut and 1st place - Birch. Thank you to all pupils, staff, volunteers and parents for making this a successful event!

Sports Day July 2017

National School Sport Week 2017

On Monday 26th June, we celebrated National School Sport Week by completing a range of sports throughout the week delivered by Lancashire County Cricket Club, The FA, Premier Sport, a LiveWire Tennis Coach and Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation. The children took part in cricket, football, archery, a Ninja Warrior course, tennis and the try-line tussle.

We would like to thank the community clubs for working with Miss Whittaker to organise this amazing week. We look forward to this again next year!

National School Sport Week 2017

Streetwise Soccer Fun Day - June 2017

Well done everybody at Callands for taking part in such a fantastic event! You have worked so hard to collect funds to help raise money for the MUGA. We have managed to raise a wonderful amount of £1,788.38. As agreed with Streetwise Soccer, we have halved the funding leaving £894.19 to go towards the MUGA.

#OurBlueLight Mental Health Relay - May 2017

On Tuesday 16th May, Warrington Wolves asked if we would like to take part in the #OurBlueLight Mental Health Relay. The relay stopped off at different cities and locations throughout its journey of the North of England. Before arriving at Callands, the torch had been to the Halliwell Jones Stadium, Old Trafford and many more familiar destinations. The aim of the relay was to improve the mental health, well-being and working life of #OurBlueLight Emergency and Essential services including, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Search & Rescue, Prison Service and NHS. Well done Y3 and Y4 for helping raise awareness around mental health and well-being.

#OurBlueLight Mental Health Relay May 2017

Smart Heart Project - May 2017

On Tuesday 23rd May, Dr Ahmed Farag, a cardiologist from Warrington Hospital, came to Callands to launch Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s new Smart Heart project. The project aims to see the hospitals and primary schools across Warrington working closer together. Dr Farag gave Year 4 an interactive talk on how the heart works, how to look after it and what to do in an emergency. Children learnt how to check their own pulses and listen to their heartbeats using a stethoscope. Thank you Dr Farag!

Smart Heart Project May 2017

Warrington Wolves Tag Rugby Festival

On Thursday 25th May, a group of Y4 children went to the Warrington Wolves Tag Rugby Festival at Crosfields Recreational Ground. They had the chance to transfer rugby skills learnt in school to a competitive situation, use teamwork when competing for school and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle whilst promoting community links. Well done to the children who represented our school perfectly!

Warrington Wolves Tag Rugby Festival May 2017

In April 2017, Year 3 and 4 put on a fabulous performance. Children showcased some real talent in drama and singing. Well done to all children for their hard work and determination to remember their lines and
stage positions!


Y4 Condover Residential - March 2017

Year 4 spent three days at Condover Hall in Shrewsbury. They took part in a range of adventurous activities including abseiling, climbing, archery, orienteering, tunnelling and campfire. The children worked hard as a team to encourage and support one another throughout the trip. It was noted by the members of staff at Condover Hall how well behaved and resilient the children were during their stay. Well done Year 4 we are so PROUD of you!


KS1 Visit to Chester Zoo - February 2017

On Tuesday 28th February, KS1 children made a visit to Chester Zoo. They were very excited to see lots of new baby animals which had been born and to sit and watch them get up to all their antics! They joined in with a great workshop handling objects related to animals e.g. skulls, skins and teeth. A great day was had by all the children.

After School Healthy Cooking Club

Look at the fun we have during our 'Let's Get Cooking' Club.

KS2 Forest School Club

One of many after-school clubs.

Shakespeare Music Week June 2016

We studied a range of different Shakespeare stories throughout the week. The stories were used as a stimulus to complete a range of creative activities across the curriculum.

Look at how much fun Year 4 children had. Their work was based on the story 'The Tempest'.

EYFS A Midummer Night's Dream


Year 2 - A Victorian Christmas

Sunny Afternoons May 2016

Our Y6 Mini Mates leading a range of games at lunchtimes for the younger children.







World Book Day - 3 March 2016

Insert content here

This year we celebrated our love of books whilst helping children from Alder Hey to do this too.  Claire House Children's Hospice helps seriously and terminally ill local children live life to the full.  The children there use books in a much more interactive and sensory way.  Rhyanna Morris from Alder Hey came to our assembly to award the winning children with their prizes.  She was so impressed with what the children had achieved and the hundreds of punds they also raised.  The children also completed Taste tests as part of this 'sensory' theme.



EYFS Come and Share the Experience

During our last week in December, EYFS held their half termly Come and Share the Experience Session where parents spent one morning that week in their child's class, taking part in learning and sharing their Learning Journeys.  Parents wrote wonderful entries in these journals too.  We look forward to welcoming you again at the end of February.


During our Collective Worship today, we switched on our Christmas Tree lights to mark the beginning of our Christmas celebrations in school.  The children became very excited,  This week's value is also 'Dependable'.

Y5M Woodleigh Residential Home Visit

On Friday 20 November 2015, Y5M were invited to visit Woodleigh Residential Care Home for the elderly to share the joy of a range of  owls who were visiting the home.  Every single child held one at some point, much to our surprise!  

MDA Active Lunchtimes Training

On Monday 5 October 2015, the Midday Assistants received training, aimed at improving activity at lunchtime.  Over the Summer you will have noticed that two sheds have been installed containing a range of new equipment to entertain the children and ensure they are fully active every lunchtime.  We are now just waiting for the Active Play Leaders (children) to be trained before it is all up and running.

Y5/6 Child Net E Safety Training

On Thursday 10 September 2015, Y5/6 received training from Child Net.  They loooked particularly at keeping safe when using Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many more.  Parents also received training in the evening.  It was very informative.

Y5F Day Trip to London

On Wednesday 9 September 2015, the children in Miss Fairhurst's class travelled on the train to London.  They visited The Houses of Parliament to discover more about democracy and watched The Lion King in the West End.  They also enjoyed lunch in a London restaurant.  A fabulous day was had by all!

Mad Science 096

Y1 - Y6 Mad Science Assembly

On Wednesday 9 September 2015, the children in KS1 and KS2 received information about what Mad Science after school clubs involve.  The children had a great time.

Y4 First Aid Training

On Wednesday 9 September 2015, Y4 received training on bandaging and bleeding and some general First Aid training from St John's Ambulance.  

Y6 First Aid Training

On Friday 4 September 2015, Y6 received training on bandaging and bleeding and some general First Aid training from St John's Ambulance.  Some of these children have been chosen to be First Aid Runners at lunchtime with the adults and have special high visual jackets specifically for this role.

New EYFS Toilets for Boys

The boys' toilets have been refurbished over the Summer holidays 2015.  The Reception class of 2014/5 designed these.  I am sure you will agree that they are a marked improvement on the previous ones.  Let's hope they don't want to spend too long in there!

Y6 Last Day July 2015

Y6 were presented with a '15 hoodie' on their last day whilst FOCS awarded them an autograph book which they spent the day filling!  The Ava Scott Friendship Award was given to Beth Langton and the Mike Barton Citizenship Award was presented to Mark Gittins.

Y3 and Y4 Swimming

Y3 and Y4 swim in the Summer Term 2015.  These lessons include life saving skills as seen in the photographs.

Y2 Residential Visit Summer 2015

Each year, Y2 are given the opportunity to go on their first residential trip to Beeston. Take a look at the footage above to give you an insight to this annual event.

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