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Mental Health


The NSPCCs range of leaflets and resources for parents can provide information and help make  conversations easier.  Click on the link below to access these:


As part of our Whole School Approach to Mental Health, here is a link to a collection of resources that will help you to support your children during social distancing, put together by Mental Health Liverpool. They have only provided links to sources they think are appropriate and suitable but I do recommend parents/carers check any resource is suitable for their child before leaving them alone with it. https://wakelet.com/wake/564d7bc8-4bc9-462f-a9e1-2deb03150c3f?fbclid=IwAR3vg0wojqm5EoqpzQvz7JSVNV8WAsx0aJfQW3J_vcky8SdWKyAYfD2GqoU


Information and support for parents about how they can support their children and families who are worried about the coronavirus from youngminds


NHS - Every Mind Matters 


Support for parents during the outbreak from mentalhealth.org


Childline have lots of information for children coping with school closures and worrying about the coronavirus, with lots of useful tips.


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