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Early Help

Sometimes a child, young person and their family may need a little extra support.

Early Help aims to ‘give the right support at the right time’

Early help support is there to try and prevent those extra needs getting so big that a higher level of support is needed later on.

Early help services are aimed at supporting children and families without a social worker. 

Social workers are not involved in providing Early Help Services or completing an Early Help Assessment.

  • Early Help connects families with services that can support them. 

Asking for help and support is a strength and a positive step in parenting and helping to make sure your child/young person has the chance to achieve their potential.

Families can ask for support from professionals in health, school/nursery or they can call 01925 443136 or email earlyhelpsupport@warrington.gov.uk


Things that a family may need support with:

- Supporting a family member who has disabilities, special educational needs, or long-term physical health issues.

- Family member with mild or emerging mental health difficulties.

- Child, Young Person impacted by challenges faced at home such as,

parental conflict, domestic abuse, parental alcohol or drug misuse, financial problems or the impact a family member’s mental or physical needs.

- Keeping children, young people safe outside the home (drugs, alcohol, anti-social behaviour, risk taking behaviour, use of social media).

- Managing child/young person’s behaviour.

Examples of support:

- Support with managing behaviour.

- Support with accessing groups and meeting other parents.

- Youth support/youth mentoring services.

- Referral to school counsellors/other appropriate services.

- Parental conflict support – 1:1 or group.

- Support if there is domestic abuse.

- Support getting financial help.

An Early Help Assessment may be completed to look at a family’s strengths and where support is needed. The assessment is a whole family assessment. This is because all family members may be impacted by the problems in different ways.

The Early Help Assessment will be completed by a Lead Professional. An action plan will be completed with you as a family. The lead professional can be someone from school, health, youth service, Children Centre Support Worker or Family Support Worker – in fact any service who works with you and your family.

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