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Equality Information and Objectives Statement - September 2022

Our school makes all members of our community feel welcome and valued. Our vision and values promote inclusion and equality and tackle discrimination. We have high expectations for all our pupils irrespective of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Our equalities statement is guided by some core principles:

  • Learners are all unique children who together are one;
  • We recognise and respect (PROUD) difference;
  • We show understanding, compassion and care to all
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of community and belonging;
  • We observe good practice in recruitment, retention and staff development;
  • We aim to reduce and challenge barriers to equality that already exist.

In line with the PSED (Public Sector Equality Duty) of the Equality Act 2010 we publish the following data:



Number of pupils

397   50% male  50% female

Number of staff

43      12% male     88% female

Number of governors

8     2  male       6 female


None denominational school

Attainment on entry

Around 40% of children enter in line with the national on entry in Reading, Writing and Maths from a catchment which extends beyond Callands.

Pupil Mobility

17% (69) of the current NOR joined the school during the last academic year from other schools.

4% (16) children left the school as they moved out of the area in the last academic year.

Free School Meals

Eligible for Pupil Premium

16% (58)

17% (63)


64%  White British

11% Other White

0.5% Black African 

2% Pakistani

23% other ethnic groups combined

English as an additional language


Special Educational Needs


Average attendance rate


Awards , accreditations, recognitions

National Support School

See Accreditations tab


Our equality objectives 2022/3 (See additional Diveristy and Equalities Action Plan too)


To achieve Stonewall Gold Accreditation.

To meet with representatives of our EAL children to discuss inclusion and learn how we can improve our practice.

To continue to develop our curriculum to ensure all subjects promote equality and diversity.

To further develop our data analysis so that BME analysis is completed by all subject leads across the curriculum.

To continue to nurture an acceptance of people with protected characteristics through a rich and broad curriculum, SMSC and Collective Worship provision which promotes, tolerance and acceptance as well as combatting discrimination and understanding of others.

Based on our evaluations and reflections of applicants for jobs in our school, we know that we are not receiving applicants from all people within all of protected characteristic groups. Therefore, we recognise that we actively need to develop our recruitment process in order to gain applicants from these groups.

To support and educate the few parents who demonstrate a reluctance for their child to learn about LGBT+ communities within our curriculum and SMSC provision.

To analyse the curriculum for racial bias and prejudice and ensure steps are taken to address issues where necessary.

To use the Equalities Impact Assessment tool as and when our Policies in school are reviewed.

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