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Meet the Governors

The Governing Body

The governing body is responsible for the conduct of the school and promoting high standards of educational achievement. Governors provide a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework, appoint and performance manage the headteacher and agree the school improvement strategy and staffing structures. Governors monitor and evaluate the work of the school, agree policies and review the effectiveness of the policy framework, progress towards targets, and the effectiveness of the school improvement strategy.  Governing bodies are required to meet a minimum of three times a year. In July 2015 a review by governors decided to dispense with a committee structure and  for the full governing body to meet half termly (six times each school year) to discuss all aspects previously delegated to the Resources and Learning Community Committees. Some members of the Governing Body sit on other Governing Bodies (Nigel Spencer). Some have declared business interests (Nigel Spencer is the MD of Edac Solutions who provide the school's Curriculum IT Support). There are no relationships between governors and members of the school staff (including spouses, partners and relatives). The clerk to the Governing Body is Dr Carsten Kressel and he can be contacted on Carsten.Kressell@callandsprimary.co.uk.


Nigel Spencer - Chair of Governors

I became a co-opted Governor at Callands Primary School in the Spring Term of 2018 and am very committed to contributing fully to both the Governing Body and the School community. I live in Westbrook with my wife Caroline and am very active in the local education community.

As well as my role as a Governor at Callands Primary, I am also Chair of Governors at another Warrington Primary School and a co-opted Governor at a third Warrington School. I consult on the e-safety groups for six Warrington Primary Schools, including Callands, and act as Data Protection Officer for another local school.

I have owned and operated EDAC Solutions for almost twenty years, providing ICT support exclusively to Warrington Schools and, through this, I have become deeply involved in the Warrington Education Community with the interests of all our young learners at heart.

I have a very unusual hobby, which the children in our school find fascinating. I keep many of the worlds most venomous snakes, assisting in research into anti-venom for developing and third world countries. This research saves many many lives. I also have a pet Alligator called Colin.

Responsible for Safeguarding, E Safety and IT

Term of office expires: 16.04.2026

Co-opted member

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Siobhan Bentley - Headteacher

I joined Callands as Headteacher in April 2023, having been a Headteacher of another primary school in Warrington for five years.  I have worked in Primary Education for over twenty years and I am a Governor at another primary school in Warrington, part of that role being to  lead the Children and Learning committee. I am also a lead moderator for the local authority for key stage two writing and have been since 2013.  


Julie Lee

Staff governor – elected by members of staff

I am currently in the position of Teacher Governor.

My Daughter also attended Callands Primary school until she moved up to Sankey High School. We live in the local area and enjoy using all of the local amenities.

I have had varied teaching experience and have worked in Nursery and Reception classes at my previous school, in my home county of Yorkshire and EYFS – Y3 in this school. I have worked at Callands School for the past 24 years and therefore have been an integral member of the journey the school has taken. I currently lead: KS1 and I am a member of SLT, Art throughout the school and run the weekly School Council meetings. I am also an SLE for Art where I work with teachers in other schools to help improve Art provision or support NQT teachers with their training.

I enjoy my role as Governor for two main reasons. Primarily it allows me to share the experiences of the staff currently working in school and secondly it allows me to place issues arising in the school, into a much wider context e.g. budgetary needs.

Term of office expires: 21.05.2024


Katie Whitmore

I am currently in the position of Parent Governor at Callands and my two children attend the school in Years 6 and 4.  I have wider family who have attended over the years, so I have been able to see how the school has progressed. 

I have worked as a Personal Assistant within IT and Financial Services after graduating in Business Studies.  I am currently on a break from work to be at home with my children and have since chosen to volunteer time that fits around this; I was previously a member of the committee at a local preschool, continue to be involved with Friends of Callands School, and I am pleased to now be part of the Governing Body at Callands.

As Parent Governor I aim to bring a parental perspective to discussions and to support the Governing Body in giving all our children the best experiences at our school. 

Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body

Term of office expires: 18 December 2026


Stacey Giblin

I became a co opted governor at Callands Primary School in Summer Term of 2019 and I am very committed to contributing fully to the Governing body and the school.

I currently work at Winwick CE Primary School as a teaching assistant in Year 1. I have been working there for over 3 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. In those 3 years I have been a 1-1 teaching assistant in years 3 & 6 before I moved down to Reception and then into my current year. Alongside working at school I also work as a personal assistant with disabled children and adults outside of school and have been doing this for over 7 years. Over the years I have looked after a number of children and adults who have additional needs to provide support and respite for their parents. I have a real passion and interest in working and looking after children and young people with special educational needs.

Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body

Term of office expires: 22 July 2023


David Pierce-Roberts

Parent Governor - Voted by parents

I wanted to join the Governing Body as both my children attend the school - Y5 and Y2.  I would like to help extend the excellent Ofsted results and ensure the improvement and progression continues.  I have worked within a manufacturing environment for over 15 years, seeing the benefit and pitfalls of different management and governance regimes, ensuring every opportunity is explored to the fullest whilst also keeping financial constraints under control.

Term of office expires 18 April 2026


Anam Balbolia

Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body

In June 2021, I became the first remote governor co-opted by the Governing Body at Callands Primary School. Having almost 10 years of experience volunteering in different capacities and interests, I am thrilled to join the largest voluntary workforce in the UK. From building a kindergarten from the ground up to managing a global engineering network, I believe that the abilities I have developed will be put to good use in working towards realising the vision for the school.

Since graduating as a civil engineer from Imperial College London, I am now working in highways asset management. I aim to use my analytical, risk management and planning skills to help Callands achieve the best for its pupils and wider community. 

Term of office expires 22 June 2025

Emma Williams V1

Emma Williams

Local Authority Governor


Term of office expires 16 July  2027

Kev Dean

Kevin Dean

Co-opted member - appointed by the governing body


Term of office expires 16 July 2027

Governors who have served on the Governing Body in the last 12 months

Kelly Smith

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